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OMG by Brothers Pyrotechnics is not exactly a new product, in fact, it was launched in 2012, so why has it take so long for it to get into our range? Yes, we could have bought OMG several years ago but when it was first released it had to come in a pyromesh lined carton. The pyromesh cartons used on the first OMG's were quite expensive and this, in turn, we felt made OMG noncompetitive price wise compared to other fireworks that were available at the time. Now though thanks to the new European firework regulations OMG has been re-classified and no longer requires a pyromesh carton. The end result being a dramatic drop in price and a considerably more competitively priced firework.

We never had any doubts about how good OMG was it was only ever a price issue. The rate of firing of OMG is what makes it stand out from other products. At points during the display, there are three or four shots bursting at the same time, this gives a professional touch to any display. All of the shots in OMG are fired vertically, important if you don't have much width to your display area.

Despite no longer needing a pyromesh carton, OMG is still classified as a display firework and hence should be viewed from at least 25m away.

  • Lee's opinion - We liked the finale shots, where the rising whistling stars burst simultaneously into crackling stars. OMG has a good duration considering the rate at which the shots are fired.
  • 100 shot vertical firing barrage.
  • Overlapping bursts throughout the display.
  • Shots:
  • Duration:
    60 secs
  • Height:
    25 Metres
  • Recommended Distance:
    25 Metres
  • Noise Level:
  • Brand:
    Brothers Pyrotechnics
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